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TFT 11.13b Hotfixes Changes Revealed

Birthday Cakespirit will be available during 11.13.
Birthday Cakespirit will be available during 11.13. / courtesy of Makez gaming YouTube Channel

A hotfix for Teamfight Tactics patch 11.13 will be going live soon with changes in traits and a few champions.

It has been a week since Teamfight Tactics Patch 11.13 went live. It was a relatively small patch but the Yasuo and Nidalee nerfs have satisfied many people.

Yet, on Tuesday, Riot Mort, Lead designer of TFT, announced a hotfix coming Wednesday.

TFT 11.13b Hotfixes Changes

Hotfixes are usually made when a serious issue with gameplay is present. In this case, Riot Games decided a couple of traits and a few champions needed to be adjusted.

  • Hellion (trait): Attack Speed 5/50/125% >>> 10/55/130%
  • Redeemed (trait): AP/Armor/MR 30/60/100 >>> 30/55/95
  • Kled AD 60 >>. 65
  • Poppy Mana 30/70 >>> 50/70
  • Kennen Attack Speed 0.65 >>> 0.7
  • Lux Mana 40/70 >>> 40/80
  • Lux Spell Shield 125/200/400 >>> 120/180/360
Lunar Empress lux
Lunar Empress lux / courtesy of Riot Games

The most notable change is Lux's adjustments. While the game granted her more mana late game, her spell shield has hit a huge nerf. Her shield has certainly been troublesome for many opponents because it shields all allies.

Kled, Poppy, and Kennen has all been buffed in the 11.13 patch yet are getting a bit more of a push.

When is TFT 11.13b Hotfix Happening?

TFT 11.13b will be taking place on June 30, 2021. A set time has not been announced but will be "around Noon."

Mort also mentioned that these patch notes are not final and will be re-announced with any changes after the actual release of 11.13b.