TFT 11.6 Dawnbringer Comp Explained

Dawnbringer Karma
Dawnbringer Karma / courtesy of Riot Games

In Teamfight Tactics patch 11.11, Dawnbringer champions have been rising to the surface as the main carries in team compositions for decks.

Patch 11.11 released Thursday, June 3. Soraka, Riven, Nidalee, and Karma have received buffs and Garen has also been adjusted. You can create a strong team composition with these Dawnbringer champions.

TFT 11.6 Dawnbringer Comp

This composition is called Dawnbringer Karma. As you may have guessed, the carrys are Karma and Heimerdinger. Karma will be the main carry of the team and Heimerdinger will be able to secure the late game.

Beause Dawnbringer trait heals and gets extra damage when they heal, the trait will be able to keep characters tanky. Garn and Rell will also be up front to take damage.

Managing Early Game

Gragas / courtesy of Riot Games

Key to this deck is to win the early game and have a winning streak. Start off with brawlers such as Gragas, a Dawnbringer, and Warwick. Having Soraka and Lissandra early game to hold onto Karma's items is also a good idea.

You can keep the brawler characters and find Volibear late game, for the bear is a good replacement for Kindred.

Managing Mid Game and After

In mid game, bring in more Dawnbringers such as Riven, Nidalee to synergize the team. Make sure that you have started building items for Karma and the champion herself. Here are items she will be needing:

  • Brawler
  • Blue Buff
  • Fallen Guardian Angel

Make note that Fallen Guardian Angel is a Shadow item that needs corrupted items to be crafted. Fallen Guardian Angel is one of the best Shadow items currently available, and if you have been following up with TFT meta you would have been aware that Karma was already an A-tier champion. With the broken champion, strong items, and a great team to back her up, you will have the winning trophy on your monitor.