TFT 12.1 Comps: 3 Best to Run

Photo by Riot Games

Changes in Teamfight Tactics 12.1 have made some new compositions in the game fun to play. Here are the three best comps to run in TFT 12.1.

In TFT Patch 12.1, some champions like Kai'Sa and Galio have been nerfed but unpopular traits like Innovator, Syndicate and Imperial have been buffed.

TFT 12.1 Comps: 3 Best to Run

1. Imperial

With both the Imperial trait buff and the Swain buff, Imperial is something many players are experimenting with and testing how strong it is. The Imperial trait now has increased bonus damage for the Tyrant and other Imperial units on the board. There's a lot of potential for this trait now, especially with Swain's healing and mana buff.

2. Syndicate

The Syndicate trait also saw a buff for this patch with their Syndicate 7 amplification from 33% to 50%. Players who run the Syndicate trait in Patch 12.1 can go full Syndicate without feeling like their board isn't as strong late-game. Scrap and Assassin traits can make synergy more complete, especially late-game.

3. Innovator

Heimerdinger and the Innovator trait might be interesting to play. Heimerdinger has an increased attack range from three to four and the Innovator mechanical bear has increased base health, armor and magic resist. As a secondary trait you can also use Yordle, now with an increased 1-cost spawn. However it may not be a great addition late-game with its nerf for 2-cost and 3-cost spawn odds.