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TFT 12.13 Patch Notes: 3 Biggest Changes

Photo courtesy of Riot Games.

Teamfight Tactics Patch 12.13 was released July 13, bringing exciting new changes to the game. This patch saw a lot of adjustments to powerful traits such as Assassin and Cannoneer, buffs to underused traits like Trainer and Warrior, and even a rework.

Here are the three biggest changes in the update.

TFT 12.13: 3 Biggest Changes

1. Ragewing Adjustments

The Ragewing trait was given some updates in Patch 12.13. Xayah and Swain have been reliable carries, and comps usually include Ragewing 3 to help sustain them, but Ragewing 6 and 9 are not as common. The adjustments to Ragewing attempt to make Ragewing 6 and 9 more worthwhile to build, with increased Attack Speed and Omnivamp for Ragewing 6 and 9, but decreased Omnivamp for Ragewing 3.

2. Aurelion Sol Rework

The Aurelion Sol rework is the biggest change to hit TFT this patch. The reasons for why Aurelion Sol was reworked are discussed in this article, but to reiterate, Aurelion Sol was mainly being used when he was able to receive the Mage emblem, and not seeing much play outside of that. The changes he is receiving in 12.13, such as his Black Hole no longer scaling with number of casts and causing enemies to receive increased damage, will hopefully make players more inclined to use him outside of the Mage comp.

3. Volibear Nerf

Dragonmancer Volibear is an extremely strong unit in the midgame, who can reliably take damage and deal it out, and can sustain himself well when given Bloodthirster. In response, this patch sees him nerfed, with Relentless Storm now only damaging four enemy units no matter the level, reduced damage per enemy from Relentless Storm, and decreased total damage.