TFT 6.5 New Champions Revealed

Photo by Riot Games

With the release of TFT Set 6.5 and Patch 12.4, fans have been anticipating the new updates from new champions to new augments.

Previously Riot Games announced Silco as a TFT exclusive champion and teased that in the future for TFT,

With the new arrival of champions, Riot has also introduced new traits. The new traits are Debonair, Striker, Hextech, Rival, and Mastermind.

The Debonair trait gains bonus health, ability power and has featured a Debonair champion as a VIP. Debonair VIPs get unique bonuses.

Hextech champions send out a pulse that grants a shield for four seconds. The shield adds bonus magic damage on attacks and the frequency of the pulses increases with the increments of Hextech synergy (2/4/6/8).

The Rival trait replaces the previous Sister trait for Vi and Jinx. Rival trait becomes active with just one Rival unit, "as Rivals refuse to work together." Vi's mana cost is reduced and Jinx gains 40% attack speed for three seconds after a takedown.

Striker champions gain bonus attack damage increasing with the synergy (3/5/6). Mastermind is Silco's exclusive trait where he grants two allies directly in front of him a portion of their maximum mana.

TFT 6.5 New Champions

Here's a list of new champions to TFT Set 6.5 and their traits.

  • Zeri - Debonair, Sniper
  • Ahri - Syndicate, Arcanist
  • Alistar - Hextech, Colossus
  • Irelia - Scrap, Striker
  • Draven - Debonair, Challenger
  • Silco- Mastermind Scholar
  • Ashe - Syndicate, Sniper
  • Gnar - Yordle, Striker, Socialite
  • Brand - Debonair, Arcanist
  • Corki - Yordle, Twinshot
  • Tryndamere - Chemtech Challenger
  • Syndra- Debonair, Scholar
  • Sivir- Hextech Striker
  • Senna - Socialite, Enchanter
  • Sejuani - Hextech, Bruiser, Enforcer
  • Renata - Chemtech Scholar
  • Jarvan VI - Hextech Striker
  • Kha'Zix - Assasin, Mutant
  • Lucian - Hextech, Twinshot
  • Morgana - Syndicate, Enchanter
  • Nocturne - Hextech, Assassin
  • Rek'Sai - Mutant, Bruiser, Striker