TFT Academy Comp: Beginner's Guide to Playing it

Photo by Riot Games

Playing the Academy composition on Teamfight Tactics (TFT) can be tricky. Here is a beginner's guide to playing the Academy comp.

To start an Academy comp, obtain Garen, Graves and Katarina early game. Academy Synergy grants bonus Attack Damage and Ability Power and can learn from their allies to increase the bonus when they cast an ability.

Academy compositions are great as a full Academy comp, but with a Challenger synergy, Academics can gain from challengers from the attack speed synergy.

TFT Academy Comp: Beginner's Guide to Playing it

Garen's build can be flexible, but focus on putting health and armor items like Bramble Vest or Warmog's Armor. In addition you can build damage items like Titan's Resolve or Bloodthirster.

Try to focus on Garen, Yone, and Leona. Yone can be obtained mid-game and equip Attack Speed items like Runaan's Hurricane, Last Whisper and for Ability power, Chalice of Power.

When choosing augments for an Academy comp, 'Academy Soul' can add one additional Academy, that's beneficial to build a full Academy synergy. 'Knife's Edge' can also help by adding 30 attack damage to the front two rows at the start of combat.

Late game, Yuumi is a great addition as a final push to first place. Her abilities as a Cuddly champion help grant an ally with a shield 60 percent of her maximum health. Additionally, she deals magic damage by launching waves to the farthest enemy, and stuns enemies for one second.