TFT Bodyguard Comp: Beginner's Guide to Playing it

Photo by Riot Games

Teamfight Tactics (TFT) Bodyguard units are mainly used in the front row of your board. But how can you play a Bodyguard composition?

The Bodyguard trait is something TFT fans have seen before. In previous sets, traits like Guardian and Vanguard, are quite similar to the Bodyguard trait, granting additional armor.

TFT Bodyguard Comp: Beginner's Guide to Playing it

Champions with the bodyguard trait are: Blitzcrank, Braum, Darius, Galio, Leona and Poppy.

Early game, Chain Vest and Giant's Belt are good items to start with. Darius, Poppy, Blitzcrank and Leona are also great to champions to start with. Primarily, with a Bodyguard comp, you'll be building lots of armor items.

Some items good for the Bodyguard comp are Gargoyle's Stoneplate. Bramble Vest, Warmog's Armor and Sunfire Cape.

Maintaining a full Bodyguard synergy may be hard to fulfill. Since they are armor-based, sometimes they won't do enough damage against other teams.

Assassin, Academy and Socialite are great additions to your synergy to add additional damage to your team. Despite Katarina's recent nerf, she is still a great carry for a team alongside Talon. Katarina also gives you the Academy synergy with Leona.

Mid-game, hyper-roll to three-star your carry champions like Leona, Katarina and Braum. Darius could potentially be a carry but he isn't as strong as the others. Mid-game to late game, it's not completely necessary to get Galio, but he definitely helps your team. You can swap out Poppy and an additional spot after leveling for Galio.

Some augments for Bodyguard may not benefit them, so to maximize your comp use Thrill of the Hunt augments. This can heal your units and can also be stacked for additional healing.

Bodyguard Heart can make your team count as having an additional Bodyguard, and New Recruit adds to your team size. This can help add Galio to your team. Additionally, any other Bodyguard trait augments can help like Safety Vest and Bodyguard Soul.