TFT Double Up: Beginner's Guide to Playing it

Photo by Riot Games

Teamfight Tactics Double Up is a beta game-mode Riot Games released in Patch 11.23.

In this game mode, players can team up with a friend, or queue to be matched. In teams of two, players will share their health and have the opportunity to give items or champions to their teammates.

Recently, Riot Games has made Double Up competitive for tournaments and players can play Double up for ranks.

TFT Double Up: Beginner's Guide to Playing it

There are different ways for teams to work together like playing similar or complementary compositions However, you're still able to simply choose your own, and try to work around each other. TFT Double Up matches remain in the same format where you choose champions and items off of the carousel and buy champions as well.

In addition, the economy in Double Up works the same where you earn more gold in a win streak. When both teammates win streak or loss streak together, they have the potential to become more powerful at the same time when they hyper roll.

Double Up matches aren't as long as regular TFT matches. The reason being that one team of two share health, making it four teams in one match. If your teammate takes damage, you take damage as well.

However to combat this, if one teammate has the advantage of finishing their round before yours, their champions transport to your board and assist you in defeating your match.

To share champions players receive a total of three Runes of Allegiance throughout the game. The Runes of Allegiance is 'sender' that will send a champion over to your teammate. To maximize the use of this, you can send them a 2 star or 3 star champions they may not be able to find.

To send items, 'Assist Armories' will pop up three times throughout the game where you can send them an item of your choice (or theirs if they tell you what to send).

Double Up is in its beta stages but is available to play for all on Teamfight Tactics.