TFT Dragonlands Meta Comps: 3 Best to Build

Courtesy of Riot Games

With the release of Dragonlands, new and returning TFT players have slowly been learning the new meta comps. Here are three comps that have been killing it in the Rift recently.

It's important to note that since a new patch just launched, there's still uncertainty over which comps are currently the best. This list is based on their performance from last patch and how the changes from this patch might affect those comps.

TFT Dragonlands Meta Comps: 3 Best to Build

Xayah Ragewing

Frankly, any of the many Xayah comps could have taken this spot. Those include Xayah Guild and Xayah Swiftshot. The new changes to Shyvana, though, make this variation particularly appealing. You're looking to hit Level 8 pretty fast so you can start rolling for Xayah, all while hunting for other Ragewing units to build around her. You can either stick to 6 Ragewing and build out another trait like Bruiser or Swiftshot or go all out with 9 Ragewing and witness Shyvana wreak havoc across the board.

Jade Reroll

In the last patch, this comp was seen with Ezreal as the one-cost carry and destroying the board with an Archangel's Embrace. Despite Ezreal taking some nerfs, he should have some power left in him to wipe the board. However, with fixes to her spell cast, look out for Karma to potentially take Ezreal's place as the hyper-roll carry. Regardless of your carry, you're looking to 3-star Tarik and Leona and lay waste to your opponents in the mid-game.

Dragonmancer Legend

This pick is definitely based on speculation based on the new patch notes. Volibear was terrible last patch, hardly being used as a Dragonmancer carry over Lee Sin or Swain. However, both him and Anivia received major buffs, so the return of PBE Volibear's dominance may be upon us. Factor in the Legend trait and you're left with a team that solely revolves around The Relentless Storm.