TFT Dragonlands: What We Know So Far

Photo courtesy of Riot Games.

All good things must come to an end, and unfortunately, this includes Teamfight Tactics Set 6. An exciting season that brought new and interesting mechanics to TFT, especially augments, Riot is looking ahead to Set 7, which now has an official title: Dragonlands. Riot is hoping Dragonlands will be able to incorporate all the positive changes made to TFT thus far that has made it a distinct and fun auto-battle experience. So, what do we know about Dragonlands so far?

TFT Dragonlands: What We Know So Far

The answer right now is: not a lot. We can be sure Riot is going to release more information as the release date for Set 7 gets closer, but we're going to have to wait a bit before we have more of an idea of what Dragonlands has in store for us. What do we know for sure, then?

We do have one glimpse of Dragonlands gameplay, even if brief. In the TFT Dev Drop back in January, plans for Set 7 are discussed briefly. We get a short clip of Illaoi, and what appears to be her Cosmic Invoker skin, seeming to cast her ability, slapping tentacles over the whole of the map. Hopefully, this means we get to see Illaoi return in the next set, but her ability might be changed by the time Dragonlands is released.

Augments are also expected to remain in TFT in some compacity in future sets, due to their good reception by TFT players. Augments have helped, as Riot says in their post reflecting on Gizmos and Gadgets, add "variance and novelty" to the game experience, making each round more of a unique experience. In the same post Riot states, in regards to looking forward, that they want to improve upon the items players receive, the utility of spatulas and emblems, and making augments fit future sets in a way that makes sense.

Dragonlands will go live in patch 12.11, and will be available on the PBE starting late afternoon, May 24.