TFT Hextech Havoc: How to Qualify

Photo by Riot Games

Riot Games announced their first global tournament for Teamfight Tactics Double up: TFT Hextech Havoc.

TFT Hextech Havoc will take place from Jan. 15 to Jan. 16 and will have Double Up players from twelve regions. The tournament will take place over the course of two days. Sixteen international teams will play on the first day in rotating lobbies.

After three games, only eight teams will continue in the tournament and will compete in another set of three rotating games. The final four highest-scoring teams will continue to the finals on day two.

This tournament follows previous Double Up tournaments, the EU Invitational, Double Trouble and the North American Invitational, Giant Slayer Lab Partners Double Up.

TFT Hextech Havoc: How to Qualify

Only the top ranked player, and their chosen partner, from each region will qualify for Hextech Havoc. If the player cannot participate or stream their game during the tournament, the next top player and their partner will participate.

In addition, Riot Games will also invite four other teams including the winners of the Double Trouble and Giant Slayer Lab Partners Double Up tournaments.

Riot games will send out invitations via email to the top qualifying players in each region. Those players will be able to choose a partner to join the tournament. To qualify, players must be the top ranked player as of Jan. 4 at 11:59 AM PT.

TFT Hextech Havoc can be viewed on their Twitch channel at 6 AM PT or 9 AM EST.