TFT Lunar Event Missions: Full List

Photo by Riot Games

The newest Teamfight Tactics event, The Gift of the Golden Lantern Lunar New Year is here, and players can complete in-game missions throughout the event.

There are two sets of missions for The Gift of the Golden Lantern event. These missions reward 15 Star Shards and some mission reward eggs and a Festival Firecracker.

TFT Lunar Event Missions: Full List

Here is a full list of missions for The Gift of the Golden Lantern event:

  • A Prestigious Prize — Win a trophy for the Year of the Tiger Protector by earning recognition
  • Trash to Treasure — Help Firecracker Duckbill by collecting parts for his helicopter. Upgrade 30 components using the Scrap trait
  • Signature of the Star — Get Lucky Noodle Dowsie an autograph. Put a 3-star champion in a Socialite spotlight
  • The Biggest of Booms — Get Jinx to cast her spell
  • The Best Bauble — Collect 40 loot orbs to find Lucky Lantern Dango the shiniest trinket
  • A Briny Bargain — Feed Tahm Kench a two star unit for a fish to give Lunar Beast Choncc
  • Shopping Spree - Re-roll the shop for a total of 30 times to buy Porcelain Dowsie the perfect festival decorations
  • Year of the Tiger Protector's Riddle — Get a Celestial Blessing from an augment
  • Firecracker Duckbill's Riddle — Combine two of the same component into a finished item twice in one game
  • Lucky Noodle Dowsie's Riddle — Field both Transformer mode
  • Firecracker Chibi Jinx's Riddle — Field five or seven Mercenary
  • Lucky Lantern Dango's Riddle — Earn seven points by choosing a Prismatic Augment (grants 1 point) and field a champion with a Prismatic trait (grants 3 points)
  • Lunar Beasts Choncc's Riddle — Field two two-star Colossus Champions
  • Porcelain Dowsie's Riddle — Use Shroud of Stillness to delay 15 enemy champions