TFT Lunar Legend Festival: Everything You Need to Know

Photo by Riot Games

Teamfight Tactics (TFT) is releasing a Lunar Legend Festival in honor of Lunar New Year, here's everything you need to know.

TFT Lunar Legend Festival: Everything You Need to Know

The Lunar Legend Festival will release with Patch 12.2 on Jan. 20. A skin for Chibi Jinx will release, which will be the first skin for a Chibi Champion. Similar to the previous years, there will also be a new map for this year, the Golden Tiger Market arena skin.

Dango, Dowsie and Duckbill all have new Tactician skins for this event and an exclusive Year of the Tiger Protector will be released as a Tactician as well.

Alongside the extensive skins and bundles that will release, an in-game event is taking place where players will also be able to win rewards.

To participate in the game, players simply join a game, collect gifts, and complete tasks and missions. Some missions for example would be to help repair Duckbill's Helicopter. Before opening rewards, players will need to answer riddles.

By completing missions, players earn a Festival Firecracker, a Year of the Tiger Egg, a Festival of Beasts 2021 Egg, Star Shards and a 'Like My Stripes?' Emote.

A Festival Firecracker has a chance of containing Chibi Firecracker Jinx, and the Year of the Tiger Egg has a chance of containing a Year of the Tiger Protector.

The Lunar Legend Festival event in TFT will run from the start of 12.2 to the start of 12.3.