League of Legends

TFT Mid-Set Patch Release Date: Set 7

Courtesy of Riot Games

TFT players may be wondering about the release date for the Mid-Set Patch. The Mid-Set Patch will hit the PBE servers on August 24, but the release date on the live servers is currently unknown.

Developed by Riot Games, TFT is the hit auto chess title that uses League of Legends champions to form a team of units that attack for you once they're set up. Players work to create the best team they can while creating new items and leveling up their units. Those units change with every new set as characters are added to and dropped from the rotation. The upcoming set, Set 7.5, will be playable in less than a week.

TFT Mid-Set Patch Release Date

The TFT Mid-Set Patch will be hitting the PBE servers on Aug. 24. The PBE servers are where patches go to be tested on a large scale before they're pushed to the main game. If you want to play on the PBE, you need to sign up with your League of Legends account and download the PBE client.

It is currently unknown when the Mid-Set Patch will release on the live servers. However, patches tend to stay on the PBE for two weeks before they're pushed to go live. Therefore, the tentative release date for the Mid-Set Patch is around Sept. 8.

However, this is not guaranteed to be the release date, especially if Riot Games discovers major issues they need to address before the Mid-Set Patch goes live. In that case, it's more likely the release date would be closer to Sept. 21.