TFT New Double-Up Ranked System Details

TFT Dragonlands Official Promo Art
TFT Dragonlands Official Promo Art / Riot Games

TFT's Double-Up Ranked system details have been released.

Riot Games have announced huge changes coming to the Double-Up mode in Teamfight Tactics (TFT) in an official Dev post. Alongside the new Dragonlands patch, Double-Up will be getting it's own ranked system.

Double-Up was originally running as a lab, in which players could team up in teams of two to play against three other duo'd teams. Riot Games has announced that thanks to the success of the game mode, they're introducing a ranked system.

TFT Double-Up's Ranked System Details

Just like standard TFT and League of Legends, the ranked system will have 9 tiers from Iron to Challenger, and each tier will have four sub-divisions. The blog post reiterates that Double Up places a focus on "playing with friends, regardless of their skill." Thus, players will be able to partner up with anybody they want in Double Up, regardless of their rank. However, matches will be made according to the higher-ranking player. However, players will still gain LP according to their current rank. This means a lower-ranking player will lose less LP when losing against higher ranking players, and gain more LP when winning against them.

New LP adjustments have also been made to Gizmos & Gadgets. Demotion protection has been added, so players who have qualified for a ranked tier can't fall out of it's bottom division. Double-Up's ranked system is also getting some unique LP twists. These include streak bonuses, in which players will be awarded with bonus LP the more times they finish within the top three. They're also adding Standing modifiers, that grant bonus LP for finishing ahead higher-ranked players, and penalty LP for finishing behind lower-ranked ones.

The new TFT patch is coming June 8, and players will be able to test out Double Up's new ranked feature, alongside all the other new Champions, Traits, Items, Systems, and features coming to TFT's new update.