TFT Patch 11.11: 3 Best Shadow Items

courtesy of Riot Games

Teamfight Tactics patch 11.11 is just around the corner and it's about time to look at the best Shadow Items in TFT: Reckoning.

One of the biggest addition to TFT: Reckoning is the Shadow item system. Shadow Items are a twisted version of the original item that has a huge give with a huge take as well. These items may be uncertain and players can get confused on what item to build on who.

This article will explore the three best Shadow Items in TFT: Reckoning. There will also be champion recommendations for each shadow item. Although the specifics of patch 11.11 have not been fully revealed, we will be basing this off on the information that Riot Games has been providing.

TFT Patch 11.11: 3 Best Shadow Items

1. Fallen Guardian Angel (Guardian Angel)

The Fallen Guardian Angel brings greater health with resurrection compared to the standard version. The takeaway is that the champion's attack speed is reduced by 50%. The decreasing number may seem crucial yet that depends on what champion it is given to. Garen and Darius are the most durable or others such as Karma work as well. Karma and Darius are both expected to receive a buff in Patch 11.11, thus the item will be even at a better use.

2. Gargoyle Stoneplate of Immorality (Gargoyle Stoneplate)

Gargoyle Stoneplate of Immortality has quite a change from its original item. The original Gargoyle Stoneplate gives bonus armor and magic resistance whereas the Shadowed version gives healing for each unit targeting them. Thus the more units hit this champion, the more healing it will do. There are no takeaways from this item unlike other Shadow items thus it's not a risky take. It's best used with champions who are held upfront such as Pantheon and Leona and could also be put on Morgana or Riven based on what build you are going. Pantheon is getting a nerf in the next patch so you may want to reconsider using him.

3. Hand of Vengeance (Hand of Justice)

Those using the Hand of Vengeance will be receiving both bonuses of 40 bonus attack damage, 40 spell power, and basic attack and abilities heal for 40% of the damage dealt. This is a huge factor considering that only one of the two is normally given. Yet the takeaway is that the champion will lose all bonus effects after the first takedown and will regain it after the second one. This item is best used for assassins or champions that go into the other team. Examples are Lee Sin, Diana, and Yasuo. Aphelios is also a good one to give this item because of the increase in damage and protection from assassins.