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TFT Patch 11.17: 3 Biggest Changes

Photo courtesy of Riot Games

TFT Patch 11.17 released Wednesday, Aug. 25 for players. The patch aims to balance the power of the main carries in the game, from three cost units to five cost units. Mini reworks have been applied to two traits - Sentinels and Spellweavers. With lots of new changes to the game, here are the three biggest changes in TFT Patch 11.17.

TFT Patch 11.17: 3 Biggest Changes

1. Sentinels Reworked

Sentinels was introduced as a trait in set 5.5. Since release, players have had success manipulating the trait to optimize the main Sentinel carries - Lucian and Akshan. This meant intentionally not upgrading front line Sentinel units in order for carries in the back to receive the buff faster. Riot saw this as unhealthy for the game as it promoted not upgrading units. Sentinels have now been reworked where the buff will start on the unit with the most items, which is most often your carry. Additionally, the Sentinel attack speed buff has been nerfed along with the shield.

2. Three Cost Units Took a Hit

Three starring three cost units became a popular win condition for players during the last few patches. Patch 11.17 has nerfed every single popular three-cost carry, which means they will certainly not be as strong as before. Three cost units that were nerfed include Nidalee, Riven, Yasuo, and Miss Fortune.

3. Five Cost Units Adjusted

Since Riot decided to nerf the prominent three cost carries, they have in turn adjusted some five cost carries. Gwen saw a damage increase which will now make her a viable candidate as a late-game AP carry. Alongside that, Heimerdinger took a meaningful hit to his attack speed and mana which will make him significantly weaker before being upgraded. Kayle however saw huge buffs which players are hoping to make her finally viable, as she has not seen any play since the start of set 5.5. Finally, Viego has finally been nerfed to a balanced state. The Ruined King was seen by many as simply too strong of a unit before patch 11.17.