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TFT Patch 11.9: 3 Best Comps

courtesy of Riot Games

What are the three best comps in Teamfight Tactics Patch 11.9? Teamfight Tactics Patch 11.9 brought various changes to the game. New compositions arose to claim victory on board.

The TFT Patch 11.9 arrived Tuesday. It has been two days and TFT players are already studying what the best competition would be. This article will introduce the three most commonly mentioned comps which are the followings:

  • Dawnbringer Invokers- Main Dealer Karma
  • Coven Assassins- Main Dealer Leblanc
  • Hellion Ironclads- Main Dealer Ziggs and Kled

Check out who are in what traits and what the traits do. The photo posted by TFT will be helpful in following up with the article.

1. Dawnbringer Invokers

The first comp has six Dawnbringers and two Invokers. Dawnbringers heal and gain damage when their health goes below 50%, and Invokers receive extra mana. The team will be hard to kill with the amount of healing and health present on the deck. The main source of damage will be Karma as she is located on the bottom right with a healer protecting her while tanks keep the front line.

2. Coven Assassins

The Coven Assassins comp has four Assassins and three Covens. The more assassins there are, the stronger they become. This is why Leblanc and Nocturne equip attack damage items. Covens are revived stronger once they die, but with less health. If Morgana is able to have three lives with Guardian Angel, she will be one annoying champion to get rid of.

3. Hellion Ironclads

Hellion Ironclads is a comp that is more challenging because it does not shine until late game, and the comp can easily fall apart if it misses any of the higher costing champions. This comp includes five Hellions and three Ironclads. The competition is relatively simple- one trait to increase attack speed, and another to assure armory to not die. Upfront are the tankies champions available. The three Hellion yordles will be kept safe on the bottom right. Although Ziggs is a one-cost unit, he has shown to be relatively strong if he has the right items. Kled is also the key champion where he could be able to do both damage to the other team, and take damage as well.