TFT Patch 12.1 Comps Tier List

Photo by Riot Games

Teamfight Tactics (TFT) Patch 12.1 has been released and players are changing the course of what their team compositions are. This tier list ranks some of the best comps of TFT right now.

TFT Patch 12.1 Comps Tier List

1. Imperial/Assassin

The Imperial buff in 12.1 and Talon's buff go hand in hand, making a great new comp to try in Patch 12.1. Talon is both Imperial and an Assassin so he reaps benefits from both traits. Talon is a core champion in this comp and could be a carry. If not, Shaco, Ekko and Akaili are great choices to make as a carry to your team. In addition, Assassin Crest grants an Ekko instead of Talon.

2. Syndicate/Assassin

Syndicate is another trait that was buffed in Patch 12.1. Depending on how you use this comp, 7 Syndicate can help you with its buff amplification in the patch.

3. Arcanists

Arcanists as a comp can be great but are best complimented with a secondary trait like Imperial. In this comp, Swain, who has also been buffed in Patch 12.1, can be a great carry for your team.

4. Scrap

Scrap has always been a good comp to go to but can be tricky to play. Scrap can also be a good comp with Sister or Bruiser. With Ekko's buff in Patch 12.1, he does more damage that makes him more balanced.

5. Innovator

Innovator is typically seen as a secondary trait to add to a comp, especially with its flexibility. Heimerdinger is a champion that is now more anticipated to play with. The flexibility with Innovator can make comps like Innovator Socialite or Innovator Enchanter.