TFT Patch 12.1: Full List of Buffs

Photo by Riot Games

Teamfight Tactics Patch 12.1 details were released Jan. 4 alongside patch notes for League of Legends. Riot Games noted in the announcement that it is a "relatively light" patch considering the amount of changes that went live in Patch 11.24B.

Here's a look at the full list of buffs in Teamfight Tactics 12.1.

TFT Patch 12.1: Full List of Buffs

Imperial, Innovator and Yordle traits are changing in this patch to give it the push it needs. For example, the Imperial trait has been a quiet and trait not many use.

Imperial trait has changed from 75%/125% to 80%/150% Tyrant Damage and 0/75 to 0/80 Imperial Bonus Damage. "If you can get Imperial Spat(ula), Imperial Emblem and have Dual Roll, you'll have two units doing 2.5 times damage without any other items" states Riot Kent, Game Designer at Riot Games.

Innovator trait has increased health from 750 to 850 and increased Armor and Magic Resist from 60 to 70.

Yordles are a powerful trait but Six Yordle sometimes feels unachievable. Yordle spawn costs increase for one-cost, two-cost and three-cost Yordles. Six Yordle synergy will also have increased Mana reduction from 20% to 25%

Seraphine's maximum mana buff increases from 80/160 to 80/150 as well as her Encore Damage & Healing from 250/400/1,000 to 275/450/1,200

Here are some other buffs in this patch:

  • Garen Attack Damage: 60 ⇒ 70
  • Swain Death’s Hand Healing per enemy hit: 200/230/300 ⇒ 225/250/350
  • Heimerdinger Attack Range: 3 ⇒ 4
  • Illaoi Harsh Lesson Damage: 175/300/500 ⇒ 200/325/550
  • Illaoi Harsh Lesson Healing: 25/30/35% ⇒ 25/30/40%
  • Rapid Firecannon total Attack Speed: 50% ⇒ 60%
  • Zz’Rot Portal Health in stage 3: 1,700 ⇒ 1,800
  • Zz’Rot Portal Health in stage 4: 1,900 ⇒ 2,100
  • Zz’Rot Portal Health in stage 5: 2,250 ⇒ 2,500
  • Augments
    • Shrug It Off max Health regen percentage: 2.5% ⇒ 3%