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TFT Patch 12.11 Release Date Information

TFT Patch 12.11 Official Dragonland Art
TFT Patch 12.11 Official Dragonland Art / Riot Games

TFT Patch 12.11's release date has finally been revealed, along with all the changes coming to the new patch.

Teamfight Tactics is an auto-battler based on the popular MOBA League of Legends. Players buy champions, build items, and develop team compositions and strategies in hopes of beating their opponents in battle. Much like League of Legends, TFT receives new patches frequently that add new champions, traits, items, and other new content into the game.

Riot Games has announced that TFT Patch 12.11 will be going live on June 8, 2022. Servers often go down for maintenance around the time the update goes live, so players may have to wait a while before they can start enjoying the new patch. This server update may also affect the regular League of Legends servers, but players can check whether or not the servers are active or not by checking Riot Games' Service Status page.

TFT Patch 12.11 Release Date Information

The patch's initial release is coming with a bunch of changes, including a new Augment stage distribution, item changes, and a bunch of new champions alongside the new set Dragonlands. For players who enjoy the new Dragon-themed cosmetics coming to the game, they can purchase the Dragonlands Pass, which will allow them to earn Little Legend Eggs, Emotes, new Arenas, and more for 1295 RP.

Players will have access to several more upgraded passes once the update releases on June 8. Additionally, changes may be made to the patch after release, so TFT players should keep an eye out for all the new content coming to the game.