TFT Patch 12.13: Aurelion Sol Changes

Photo courtesy of Riot Games.

If you've been playing Teamfight Tactics consistently during this set, you're likely to have run into Aurelion Sol with a Mage emblem a good few times. He becomes quite a threat when he starts double-casting, but outside of the Mage comp, Aurelian Sol doesn't see a lot of uses because it's hard to make him pack the same punch he does when given the Mage trait.

To fix this, Aurelian Sol is getting reworked a bit in the upcoming 12.13 patch. The developers are hoping these changes will make him less reliant on the Mage emblem, and that he will become a more solid pick overall.

TFT 12.13 Changes to Aurelian Sol

Some of the upcoming changes to Aurelian Sol in TFT include:

  • His Black Hole will no longer scale with the number of casts, but with the duration of the fight. After 20 seconds, Black Hole will hit the whole board, and do 30% more damage.
  • Enemies take 25% more damage from all sources for 8 seconds.

These numbers and adjustments are liable to change before they are officially released.

Black Hole no longer scaling with the number of casts is a huge hit to Mage emblem Aurelian Sol, as he greatly benefited from the quickly-increasing Black Hole sizes from the double-casts inherent to the trait. Enemies taking increased damage from all sources also has a change to synergize well with other champions who reduce armor and magic resist.

TFT Patch 12.13 is expected to go live on Wednesday, July 13.