TFT Patch 12.13 Predictions

Courtesy of Riot Games

TFT Patch 12.13 is releasing three weeks after Patch 12.12 on July 13. Even with Patch 12.12b, there are still a variety of changes expected to come with next week's patch. Here are some predictions on what's going to change going into the next patch.

TFT Patch 12.13 Predictions

Sy'fen Nerfs

This one-hit machine looks a little too strong after his buffs in Patch 12.13b. The combination of the increased attack damage alongside the buffs to the Whisper trait has made Sy'fen a menace in competitive games. Slap on a Rageblade and a Bloodthirster and watch as Sy'fen cuts down the enemy team one by one.

Olaf Nerfs

Yes, again. Olaf took some pretty big hits in Patch 12.12, but The Berserker continues to be a menace. He's a three-cost unit with insane damage and sustain if he runs Bloodthirster. Even though Scalescorn took a hit in the b-patch, there are so many ways to effectively play Olaf that he's hard to deal with. Worst case-scenario, you don't hit enough Olafs to make the comp worth it and you pivot to Sy'fen who has a very similar item build.

Frozen Heart Nerfs

While no unit needs a Frozen Heart to be effective, there's hardly a scenario where slamming this item doesn't lead to insane benefits. Specifically on Assassins, Frozen Heart leaves backline carries completely ineffective. Not only is the item generally good, but Riot seems to be interested in speeding up gameplay after their nerfs to Bruisers and Guardians in Patch 12.12.