TFT Patch 12.14 Highlights

Courtesy of Mortdog and Riot Games

TFT Patch 12.14 will be released on July 27 with some big changes coming to the meta. Here are the highlights of the latest TFT patch.

TFT Patch 12.14 Highlights

Big Warrior Buffs

I've previously referred to Warrior as a "fake trait" and Riot finally looks willing to give some serious buffs to this AD trait. Despite the bonus damage from their special attack decreasing, the chance for it to proc massively increases from a third of the time to half the time. Hopefully, this makes running vertical Warriors a viable option without bringing back the overwhelming dominance of Reroll Olaf.

Legendary Dragons Receive Massive Buffs

It's been a struggle for Riot to balance the three ten-cost dragons, as they either feel far too powerful like when Mage Aurelion Sol was in the meta, or they feel like Patch 12.13 where even two-star legendary dragons struggle to carry. Ao Shin, Shyvanna, and Aurelion Sol have all gotten buffs that should make them and their comps far more feasible to run. If you end up rolling a two-star legendary dragon in Patch 12.14, now is the time to build a team around them and go for glory.

Cruel Pact is Getting Reworked

Despite being an interesting change to the traditional TFT gameplay, Cruel Pact is receiving a redesign in Patch 12.14. Instead of four XP costing four health, four XP will now cost six health. However, players with Cruel Pact will gain three health per turn. This is clearly to mitigate the extreme early game dominance of Cruel Pact, as the Cruel Pact player would get to dominate and streak for nearly ten turns while every other player was forced to take a loss. This rework should hopefully give players more decisions to make rather than just blindly rolling down to Level 7 at the start of the game.