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TFT Patch 12.2 to Adjust Sniper's Nest Augment

Photo by Riot Games

Teamfight Tactics Patch 12.2 has been teased by some of the designers at Riot Games.

TFT Patch 12.2 to Adjust Sniper's Nest Augment

TFT Patch 12.1 just released and 12.2 is already in the works. On Jan. 5, Brad "Blizz" Dallaire tweeted a feature for the Snipers Nest augment that will be released in Patch 12.2.

Blizz is a designer at Riot Games for TFT, and mentioned that the Sniper Nest Augment will now feature indicators for players to understand more clearly, how the augment works.

The Sniper's Nest Augment is a Tier 1 Augment. Snipers gain 8% bonus damage per round they've started combat in the same hex, up to 40%. However, players previously found the augment quite confusing.

The indicators will show the same hex a sniper was previously placed in, and once moved, the indictor will disappear. When the indicator disappears, the augment will no longer grant bonus damage to the player's snipers. The indicator will also appear for multiple snipers.

In addition, "Frodan", host of the Teamfight Talkshow, has found a bug where Caitlyn's ultimate will be blocked by the Hexcore, and will not attack her opponent. Blizz commented on Twitter in response stating that it will be fixed in Patch 12.2

There are no other details at the moment about Patch 12.2 or when it will go live. Keep up with the official TFT Twitter account for updates.