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TFT Rescue Party Trailer Revealed

courtesy of Riot Games

"Rescue Party" is the new cinematic trailer for Teamfight Tactics' Skyglass Origin Event that was released on Friday,

The trailer shows Shadow Featherknight continuing to dominate the peaceful chess plate belonging to Little Legends. Fenroar and Spirite fight back two shadowed little legends. After their sweet victory, the two find shattered glass pieces where the shadowed little legends once stood.

"Rescue Party" is a trailer for the upcoming TFT event Skylgass Origin. Players will be given special missions that each unlocks a piece of Skyglass. These will contribute to restoring the world of Reckoning. The event will be available from June 15, 1 p.m. ET to July 8, 1 p.m. ET.

TFT Rescue Party Trailer Released

If you have been following up with the lore of TFT, you should be aware that Shadow Featherknight has attacked the peaceful world of Little Legends. During this process, the stained glass in the building has been shattered. This was witnessed in the trailer for TFT: Reckoning", Ruin Rising."

courtesy of Riot Games

TFT has gone through four patches since the beginning of Reckoning. Riot Games is attempting to move on with the story since then. The "Rescue Party" trailer and Skylight Origin event will be the first step toward this.