TFT Set 5.5: A Guide to Playing Draconic Abomination

Photo courtesy of Riot Games

TFT Set 5.5 has recently updated to Patch 11.16. Along with many other changes are nerfs to the Abomination trait, making the monstrosity a little less tanky. While a little weaker, this trait and composition are still quite strong, easily being able to pull a top four if played correctly. Here is a guide to playing the most popular version of the composition - Draconic Abomination.

Draconic Abomination is the combination of both the Draconic trait and the Abomination trait. Together, these two traits create a tanky front line with a weak backline. The catch is that the Draconic trait will increase your gold generation by quite a lot. The basic strategy is to find and play three Draconic champions as quickly as possible while finding and holding onto the Abomination units. You will want to prioritize making a sunfire cape on Nunu and making AP carry items on Zyra such as spear of shojin and jeweled gauntlet.

TFT Set 5.5: A Guide to Playing Draconic Abomination

After you achieve the foundations for this composition, continue to make tank items on your Abomination and AP carry items on Zyra while farming gold and pushing levels. If you can play five draconic units at any point before stage five then do so.

The key to finishing strong with this comp is to get to level eight with lots of gold and a decent amount of HP. Then roll your gold and transition into a Heimerdinger carry with your AP items while replacing the draconic units with Volibear, Ivern, Fiddlesticks, and other supporting units such as Gwen. If you can achieve this super team at the end of the game you will surely net a top four if not win the whole thing!