TFT Set 5.5: A Guide to Playing Draven

Photo courtesy of Riot Games

TFT Set 5.5 Patch 11.17 has just hit, and with it is a small buff to Draven. With a little bit more attack speed now, Draven will likely shoot to the top as one of the best AD carries in TFT. Draven was already a strong carry before this buff, which makes now the perfect time to learn how to play him.

Draven is a four-cost unit with the Forgotten and Legionnaire traits. While Legionnaire provides a bit of healing, unless you are running four or six of them, it won't be enough for Draven. This means that Bloodthirster will be a priority in order to do well with him. On top of this, look to make Last Whisper to deal with Ironclad players. From here, finish off with anything from an Infinity Edge to a Rapid Firecannon.

TFT Set 5.5: A Guide to Playing Draven

A good question now is what to do about his Forgotten trait. The short answer is don't worry about it too much. At most, you will typically end up running two Forgotten units in Draven and Viego. Since Viego will be hard to find for most of the game, you can run either Thresh or Hecarim in your frontline depending on whether you need another knight or cavalier. For the most part, the rest of your team will consist of mainly frontline to buy time for Draven to chop everyone down.

Draven is a strong end game AD carry for players to transition into. This team composition is highly flexible as the only core units are Draven and Viego. Typically, Irelia will work as the best Legionnaire to pair with him as it also gives a second Skirmisher. Round out your composition from here with Jax and Rell to create three Skirmisher and Ironclad.