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TFT Set 5.5: A Guide to Playing Lucian

Photo courtesy of Riot Games

TFT Set 5.5 brought back Lucian. Lucian is a versatile unit in Teamfight Tactics that can be used to carry your team to victory. For players who are not acquainted with Lucian, this is a guide on how to maximize his potential.

Lucian is a four-cost Sentinel and Cannoneer. In order to maximize his output, you're going to want to prioritize building his best items which are Bloodthirster, Last Whisper, and Deathblade. Last Whisper is necessary for this meta due to the overwhelming amount of armor on most teams with the widespread popularity of ironclad units. Bloodthirster is the best healing item for Lucian which is necessary to prolong his uptime, however, you can replace Bloodthirster with Hand of Justice for healing as well. Lastly, Deathblade provides the damage that Lucian needs to shred through teams. If you can't find this item, look to replace it with items like Hand of Justice or Infinity Edge.

TFT Set 5.5: A Guide to Playing Lucian

The other key part to succeeding with Lucian is building around him. The most popular way to build up to Lucian is to grab six Sentinel units and play them until you find Lucian. Typically this involves playing three Skirmishers before you find Lucian, since there are two Sentinel Skirmishers early game. Once you find Lucian, you can easily replace one of your other Sentinels with him to keep the six Sentinel synergy in while also gaining the two Cannoneer synergy with Senna already being a part of your team.

From here, focus on upgrading all your units and leveling up. Ideally, you want to end up at level eight with a board of six Sentinels and supporting units, such as ironclad or mystic. If you find Akshan, simply replace one of your lower-level Sentinels with him. Your other items that didn't build into core Lucian items can be used for utility or tank, such as Zephyr or Warmogs.