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TFT Set 5.5: Best 3 Comps to Climb Ranked Patch 11.17

Photo Courtesy of Riot Games

TFT Set 5.5 Patch 11.17 has created a steady meta where many compositions are viable, especially with the B-patch that tuned up some comps that were a bit stronger than the others. With so many options, it may be overwhelming for some players to figure the best strategy for gaining LP and winning ranked games. Luckily we're here. Here are the top 3 comps to climb ranked Patch 11.17.

TFT Set 5.5: Best 3 Comps to Climb Ranked Patch 11.17

1. Fortnite Jax

Consistency is key when considering how to best climb ranked, which is why Fortnite Jax is on the top of this list. It is fairly easy to hit the key units in this comp such as Rell, Nautilus, and any other Knights. The most trouble you'll run into with this composition is upgrading your Jax or getting the best items for him. Many compositions utilize bows right now, but with just a Runaan's Hurricane, you may get away with securing just one. On top of that, look to make items such as Blood Thirster, Last Whisper, and Hand of Justice.

2. Sentinel Lucian

Just like Fortnite Jax, this comp is also consistent which makes it a strong option to gain LP with. The core to this comp is simply Lucian, Senna, and any four other Sentinel units. All you have to do from there is secure strong Lucian items that are flexible. You can build anything on Lucian from Hand of Justice to Deathblade to even a Jeweled Gauntlet.

3. Assassins

Nocturne is only a three cost unit which means building the core assassin comp is something any player can consistently pull off. Hitting three star Nocturne is not something that can be guaranteed every game, but with just two star Nocturne and good items you can reliably get to level eight and find Viego and the revenant units. Most of this time you can manage a top four from this.