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TFT Set 5.5: Top 3 Compositions Patch 11.17

Photo courtesy of Riot Games

TFT Set 5.5 Patch 11.17 has been live for a couple of days now. Some compositions have risen while others have fallen. Patch 11.17 may have not completely changed the game, but some players may need help figuring out what compositions are now at the top of the game. Here are the top three compositions for TFT Patch 11.17.

1. Akshan Rangers

Arguably the best composition in the game right now revolves around a fully stacked and upgraded Akshan. Akshan has some of the best potential to wipe enemy boards due to his ultimate shredding multiple units while also allowing him to avoid danger. Due to his innate armor shred, there are not many counters to this unit once he is at his peak strength. Even utilizing the four Ironclad trait will often not be enough to stop him.

2. Fortnite Jax

This composition is a play on words as it relies on the core of four Knights and Jax. Typically, you will start with the two 1-cost Knights (Poppy and Leona), and then build up to four with the 2-cost Knights (Thresh and Nautilus). Late game, once you have Jax and the other Ironclads, you will typically replace the 1-cost Knights with Galeo and Garen. This composition has no problem dealing with AD Carries, but is weak to AP comps.

3. Reroll Compositions

While this may not actually be a composition, all of the reroll compositions have about the same power level, thus ranking them the third spot on this list. Currently, the three strongest reroll comps are: Forgotten Vayne Reroll, Kalista/Aatrox Reroll, and Assassin Reroll. These compositions have roughly the same play pattern, with the exception being Assassin reroll, which prompts you to roll for Nocturne 3 at Level 7. The other two reroll compositions have you roll for your 3-star 1 costs at Level 5.