TFT Set 7 Battle Pass Details

Courtesy of Riot Games

TFT's Set 7 has come with a new battle pass. Here's everything players need to know about it.

Teamfight Tactic's newest set, Dragonlands, has been released, and with it has come a new battle Pass for players to level up. Here's how players can get the Battle Pass, how it works, and what rewards players can get from it.

TFT Set 7 Battle Pass Details

As with previous TFT sets, players can opt for either the free battle pass or the premium one. The premium pass (titled Pass+) can be bought in the shop through the League of Legends client for 1,295 RP. While the free pass doesn't give players access to all the rewards, the premium one offers players an exclusive Egg Sprite Tactician, alongside 40-plus additional unlockable rewards.

These rewards include Arenas, Booms and more. While free players don't have access to all the same rewards, they are granted the same challenges, meaning they can still earn the same amount of XP to level up their pass. There are 21 different challenges for players to complete, with certain set-long missions and certain missions changing every other week. Thus, TFT enjoyers have a lot of content to play through as the set progresses.

There are a total of 42 rewards premium battle pass players can obtain, along with three bonus rewards at the very end. Free battle pass players can earn 11 of these rewards, which mainly consist of emotes and Little Legend Eggs. This battle pass will expire on Sept. 8, so players have several months left to grind this set's battle pass and earn all its rewards.