TFT Skyglass Origin Event: Everything You Need to Know

courtesy of Riot Games

Skyglass Origins is an event in Teamfight Tactics where players collect pieces to rebuild the Skyglass.

It seems like only a few days since TFT: Reckoning has been out, but we TFT players have already adjusted to Shadow items as well as Hyper Roll. The fourth patch for Reckoning, Patch 11.12, went live this Wednesday on June 9.

The patch has brought various changes such as a new armory system, a new Dowsie skin, and more. The most notable one is the upcoming Skyglass origins event that will be held during TFT patch 11.12.

TFT Skyglass Origin Event: Everything You Need to Know

The Skyglass origins event is a TFT event where players collect pieces to rebuild the Skyglass that Shadow Pengu once broke. The event will be available from June 15, 1 p.m. ET to July 8, 1 p.m. ET.

The system is simple- play any TFT games to complete special missions. Each mission will unlock a piece of Skyglass, which you can restore to learn about one origin from the world of Reckoning.

courtesy of Riot Games

If you are into the League of Legends Universe Lore, this is a good chance to get more into the Ruined King story that has been lurking in peace. Summoner's Rift has also been influenced by the dark power as of PBE 11.13.

TFT Skyglass Origin Event: Rewards

There will be 15 missions in total. Below are the list of rewards you can receive from completing all missions.

  • 15 Sunglasses
  • 150 Star Shards (10 for each mission)
  • Magical Misfits Little Legends Egg
  • Two unique emotes
courtesy of Riot Games

The two emotes will be Pengu and his shadowed version.

TFT Skyglass Origin Event: How To Participate

The Skyglass Origin event is free to participate in. Head over to the missions icon and click on the Skyglass Origins tab. The client will start giving you missions one by one.