TFT Treasure Dragon Explained: What is it and How to Reroll

Courtesy of Riot Games

With the release of TFT Set 7: Dragonlands, new and returning players may be confused as to what the Treasure Dragon is.

The Treasure Dragon is a brand-new feature for Dragonlands that goes a long way to making Dragonlands unique compared to previous sets.

The Treasure Dragon appears on Round 4-7. Rather than the normal monster encounter where players fight enemies in a PvE round, you do not fight the Treasure Dragon. Rather, the Treasure Dragon appears with a random collection of goodies for the player to choose from. These goodies can include anything from items and gold to Magnetic Removers and Champion Duplicators.

TFT Treasure Dragon Explained

If you find that you don't like what the Treasure Dragon has offered you, simply spend one gold on a refresh, providing an entirely new set of goodies to choose from. Since you have the option to reroll the Treasure Dragon, it's generally a good idea to save some money going into Round 4-7. It's the perfect opportunity to make sure you hit that certain item you've been waiting for all game.

The Treasure Dragon serves to make the endgame much more exciting than in previous sets. If a player clearly has the best items going into the end of Round 4, the game is often already determined. This new addition keeps TFT fresh, even as games extend past the half-hour mark.