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TFT Yordle Comp: Beginner's Guide to Playing it

Photo by Riot Games

The Yordle composition in Teamfight Tactics (TFT) may be one of the most fun and an easy comp to try out if you're just starting TFT.

The Yordle comp has been reintroduced after having first arrived in Set 1, then beind disabled in Set 2.

In Set 6, the Yordle comp has a unique synergy, producing one random Yordle on your bend after each round and reducing mana costs for 6 Yordle synergy.

In addition to these Yordles, Veigar is a Yordle lord that can only be summoned when the 6 Yordle synergy is filled and all the champions are 3-starred.

TFT Yordle Comp: Beginner's Guide to Playing it

To start a Yordle Comp, start with Ziggs, Tristana and Poppy. Try to get armor items, like Gargoyle Stoneplate and Bramble Vest for Poppy as soon as possible. Focus on getting Tristana and or Ziggs as your primary carry.

Adding a secondary synergy like Scrap, Arcanist or Scholar helps your board mid-game and adds additional special skills. Some good champions to add would be Janna, Jhin or Blitzcrank.

With the benefit of gaining an additional Yordle after every round, this makes leveling your champions faster. After Tristana, Ziggs and Poppy are 3-starred, then try to level Lulu to 3-star as well.

As for item building, equip Lulu with Ability Power and Mana weapons, and Ziggs with Shojin and Ability Power items like Jeweled Gauntlet.

Though Veigar is a 5-tier champion, Yordles are still a great comp without Veigar. Don't actively level up only to receive Veigar, but focus hyper-rolling and leveling up mid game for Poppy, Ziggs and Tristana.