Tfue Showcases 'Jitter Aiming' in Apex Legends

Photo courtesy of Tfue/Respawn Entertainment

Turner ‘Tfue’ Tenney showed off an idea of "jitter aiming" which allows players to control recoil, especially at longer ranges. Apex Legends is in a strange spot as players have found multiple ways to "enhance" their own gameplay, some at the expense of others. Respawn Entertainment has stepped in and already removed a player-discovered enhancement. The developers are now considering nerfing aim assist to make it a bit more balanced. And who knows if they will look at this next.

Granted, this is essentially recoil control, but instead of memorizing a spray pattern, players do something a bit more simple.

As you fire, you make as small of circles as you can in the middle of the target, which allows for the recoil to decrease somewhat. You'll see an increase in bullets landing on your target. And even high recoil weapons like L-Star and Flatline can shred opponents at longer range. You may have experienced a game where someone beams you from afar, all with an L-Star. It's likely they were using this technique.

If you haven't tried this before, attempt it in the firing range before using this in matches. Unless you like trial by fire. This won't make you a Predator or anything, but it should increase your gameplay.