Tfue Warzone Loadout: What is He Using on His M4A1?

Tfue's Warzone Loadout
Tfue's Warzone Loadout | Courtesy of Activision/Tfue

Tfue Warzone loadout is one of the most requested loadouts from streamer finally dabbled in the Call of Duty battle royale.

The famous Fortnite pro and content creator Tyler "Tfue" Tenney decided to download Warzone on Monday and had his first stream playing it. As he's a new player and this was just his first time playing the game, he's still very under-leveled and learning the ins and outs of gameplay, so he didn't spend much time on his loadout.

He is still rocking the pretty default setup of an M4A1 and 1911 secondary pistol as his weapons. EOD, Hardline, and Amped are his perks. For grenades, he still has the frag grenade as his lethal and a flashbang as his tactical.

Tfue Warzone Loadout: Best M4A1 Attachments

Luckily, Warzone's default primary weapon is pretty powerful itself and these are the best attachments we think Tfue as well as everyone else should be using to excel:

  1. Commando Foregrip
  2. Stock M16 Grenadier
  3. Stippled Grip Tape
  4. No Stock
  5. 60 Round Mags

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