The 5 Best Fortnite Guns of All Time

Photo by Epic Games

Fortnite weapons are some of the most popular in gaming history. They are the tools players use to eliminate players and get victory royales.

Although, there's debate as to what are the best weapons of all time. Here's our list for the five best Fortnite weapons of all time.

The 5 Best Fortnite Guns of All Time

5. Duel-Wield Pistols

Saul Pistols
Saul Pistols / Epic Games

These babies were an absolute gem to find in-game, especially fresh off a jump from the battle bus. The dual pistols were totally lasers that dealt a ton of damage. They were mostly effective at close range combat and dealt a devastating amount of damage, almost equivilant to or if not greater than the pump shot gun. Since being removed from the game in recent patches, thinking of this weapon still brings back memories of simpler times.

4. Drum Gun

Drum Gun
Drum Gun / Epic Games

This Sub /Machiene Gun is still an all-time favorite amongst the Fortnite community. The ammo compaction was unlike any other gun in the game at its time, plus is was super accurate and low on recoil. Some players used to say it was the perfect cross between a LMG and a AR. What made it a big time favorite was is destructive power against builds, with its quick fire-rate it animated enemy walls almost in an instant.

3. Assault Riffle

Assault Riffle
Assault Riffle / Epic Games

After many variations over multiple seasons, when in a pickle the most reliable and go to weapon amongst players is still the AR. No matter what color you pick up whether it be grey, green, blue, purple, or gold this old reliable friend gets the job done almost everytime. Effective at either close, medium, or long range an AR can never do you wrong, unless of course you run of of bullets. With a small magazine of thirty and a decent recoil rate this gun is a must have in your load-out.

2. Charge Shotgun

Charge Shotgun
Charge Shotgun / Epic Games

Fortnite has come a long way from its days of the deadly Pump and Tactical shotgun and created this new one for its newest season. The damage on this thing is absolutely ridiculous, just picking up one of these Charge Shotguns as a grey (common weapon) does 120 damage if it is a headshot. The only knocks to be made against this weapon is its super slow fire-rate and its small magazine size of 4.

1. Bolt-Action Sniper Rifle

Bolt-Action Sniper Rifle
Bolt-Action Sniper Rifle / Epic Games

This weapon is now only available in-game as Rare, Epic, or Legendary. Everyone loves the satisfaction of a good old fashioned quick-scope kill. While the recoil makes this weapon super hard to use, this sniper is perfect for long range combat only. Due to the pace of the game picking up because of recent and newer additions to the game we sadly do not see many players picking this weapon up as much anymore. However do not let its lack of recent use fool you, its still best to avoid its deadly crosshairs.