The 5 Best FUT Birthday Cards Ever, Ranked

FIFA 22 FUT Birthday Starts Friday, March 4
FIFA 22 FUT Birthday Starts Friday, March 4 / Photo Courtesy of EA Sports

FUT Birthday looks to be the next coming promo to FIFA 22 Ultimate Team this Friday, Mar. 4, and every year, the promo features some of the most unique special cards of the entire campaign. From skill moves to weak foot upgrades, position changes, and unique players every year, FUT Birthday has always been a popular promo among the FUT Community.

There have been great players added to the game over the years, however, here are five of our favorite FUT Birthday Cards, ranked.

The 5 Best FUT Birthday Cards, Ranked

5. Eden Hazard (FIFA 20)

Eden Hazard FIFA 20 / Photo Courtesy of FUTBIN

When Eden Hazard first joined Real Madrid in 2019, his card in FIFA 20 was rated highly by fans. He received plenty of special cards, including this FUT Birthday Card.

Hazard's stats were cracked at this stage of the game, and his dribbling on his base card was already good enough before the upgrade. With the position change to striker and shooting upgrade, Hazard featured in plenty of teams even at the end of the FIFA 20 cycle.

4. Gareth Bale (FIFA 19)

Gareth Bale FIFA 19 / Photo Courtesy of FUTBIN

Gareth Bale is iconic in the EA Sports FIFA community and has received dozens of insane special cards over the years. From left-back to Striker, Bale has had position change cards everywhere, however, his center-forward and striker special cards between FIFA 15 and FIFA 18 were some of the best attackers in the history of the franchise, and his FUT Birthday Card in FIFA 19 celebrated those cards in a big way.

With 98 pace and 94 shooting, it was nearly impossible to stop this Bale card from scoring a hat trick in FIFA 19. He continues to feature in the dreams of players who had him, and the nightmares of people who didn't.

3. Cristiano Ronaldo (FIFA 18)

Cristiano Ronaldo FIFA 18 / Photo Courtesy of FUTBIN

One of the greatest players of all time, Ronaldo has featured in every FIFA Ultimate team since its inception. He has had almost every special card imaginable, from TOTY to Flashback cards and more.

One of his most unique cards was his RW FUT Birthday card in FIFA 22. It wasn't his highest rated card of the year, but it was an interesting card considering that throughout his career, Ronaldo has usually played in the center or on the left only, so a special card at RW provided a new way to play the Portuguese legend and link him in your squad. And as for the stats, there was a reason why he never dipped below 500,000 coins on the transfer market.

2. Allan Saint-Maximin (FIFA 20)

Saint Maximin FIFA 20 / Photo Courtesy of FUTBIN

Saint-Maximin first emerged as a budding star in FIFA 18 with a Future Stars card, but in FIFA 19, he blossomed with many special cards that made him a problem on the wing. His FUT Birthday Card in FIFA 20 didn't just feature his boosted stats and five-star skill moves, but an additional five-star weak foot too.

All you had to do to make your team better in FUT 20 was pack this card, place a deadeye chemistry style on him, and let him do the rest. There were plenty of great cards in FUT Birthday for FIFA 20, and this card would've taken the cake for the best FUT Birthday player, if not for the next man on this list and his fellow FIFA 20 FUT Birthday player.

1. Kyllian Mbappe (FIFA 20)

Kyllian Mbappe FIFA 20 / Photo Courtesy of FUTBIN

There's not much else that can be said about this card in FIFA 20. The fact that this version of Kyllian Mbappe was worth more than his 98 rated TOTY and TOTS cards, despite only being 94 rated, proves how lethal this five-star skill move and weak foot Mbappe was. He has been rumored to feature in this year's FUT Birthday, and if the rumors are proven true this Friday, Mbappe may become the most expensive non-icon card in FIFA 22.