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The Anacrusis Release Date Information

The Anacrusis' release date is set for later this year.
The Anacrusis' release date is set for later this year. / Photo courtesy of Stray Bombay Company

The Anacrusis' release date isn't yet set in stone, but developer Stray Bombay Company revealed a release window alongside the game itself when it debuted at the Summer Games Fest Kickoff E3 broadcast: fall 2021.

The Anacrusis Release Date

The Anacrusis is one of two games looking to claim the throne left open by Left 4 Dead. The game puts four players on a spaceship named The Anacrusis completely overrun by alien hordes. The players must work together to fight their way through the aliens in much the same way they would fight off the zombies in Left 4 Dead.

Stray Bombay is made up of some important Left 4 Dead veterans, including Chet Faliszek. Faliszek was the project leader and lead writer for Left 4 Dead, and his ear for dialogue can already be detected in the trailer for the game he and Stray Bombay released at E3.

The game also carries over one of Left 4 Dead's most foundational features: an AI that manipulates the hordes to keep the game fresh.