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The Ascent Aug. 4 Patch Notes Explained

Photo courtesy of Neon Giant and Curve Digital

The Ascent, cyberpunk action RPG available on Xbox and PC, received an update on Aug. 4. Although official patch notes have not yet been released, the update contains several improvements including the newly added Difficulty Settings.

The Ascent released only a few days ago on July 29, and has already received praise for bringing a dystopian cyberpunk world to life through its excellent visual and sound design. The game also launched with a fair amount of technical issues, especially on Xbox One, so many players are waiting for the developer, Neon Giant, to release more updates resolving them.

The Ascent Aug. 4 Update Patch Notes

Players who have downloaded the Aug. 4 patch noted its significant changes to UI, and the addition of a Difficulty Settings slider to the Settings menu, which can help make players' experiences a bit smoother.

There is no confirmation for bugfixes applied in this patch, including the Rescue Ubi mission bug, so players stuck on that mission will still be unable to progress. Players will have a better understanding of all the improvements made in this patch when the developer shares their official patch notes.

You can play The Ascent now on Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and Windows PC. It's also included in the Xbox Game Pass for players who have subscribed.

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