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The Ascent Endgame Content: What's Included?

Photo courtesy of Neon Giant, Curve Digital

Although The Ascent released only recently, many players are already wondering what's waiting for them in the endgame.

The Ascent is a cyberpunk action-shooter RPG developed by Neon Giant, which has received plenty of praise for its excellent world-building and visual style. Players can enjoy the detailed open world and compelling storyline in single-player or multiplayer mode, and complete 12 to 16 hours' worth of main quest content.

The question is, what is there to do afterwards? Here's a breakdown of everything you can expect from The Ascent's endgame.

The Ascent Endgame Content: What's Included?

There is no New Game Plus in The Ascent, which means players will not be able to create a new save in a higher-difficulty game mode with parts of their progression retained. Instead, after beating the main story, players will simply be sent back to Cluster 13, and can carry on exploring the world and completing unfinished missions.

Players can continue leveling up their character, discovering chests, and completing Side Missions. They'll keep their level, skills, and assets they've gathered throughout the game, and can continue experimenting with new weapons or tactical items.

Although the game contains enough content for many solid hours of gameplay after completing the main story, some players have noted the lack of real endgame content. Because The Ascent is a newly released game, this is likely not a big issue, but it seems many players would be glad if Neon Giant decided to add a more difficult game mode in the future.

In the mean time, check out everything you need to know about the Aug. 4 patch, which includes improvements to UI and Difficulty Settings.