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The Best Dragons in TFT Patch 12.13

Courtesy of Riot Games

TFT Patch 12.13 has seen the dominance of several dragons in the meta. Dragons are the brand-new edition to the seventh set of TFT, and they've been seeing relative dominance as of late. Here are some of the best dragons to start utilizing in Patch 12.13

The Best Dragons in TFT Patch 12.13


Despite being toned down in Patch 12.13, Syffen is still incredibly strong. Particularly when you have at least 4 Whisper units, Syffen has the ability to roll through an entire team. You can also add some Bruisers to your team to give Syffen a big health boost, especially since you're going to want to throw AD and Attack Speed items on Syffen as opposed to tank items.

Shi Oh Yu

Another dragon that took a nerf in Patch 12.13 but is still showing up strong. While he can still be run as the carry unit like he was in Patch 12.12, he's in a better position being used as a utility damage dealer. Shi Oh Yu makes it easy to run 6 Jade which can really help units like Nidalee get the boost they need to act as a carry.


Out of all the dragons, Idas is the only one that can truly be used as the main tank. He slots perfectly into Corki and even Xayah comps that need a bulky frontline to bide time for the backline to do all of their damage. Idas also gives a guaranteed Shimmerscale item, which can either be used to make him harder to kill or buff one of your backline carries.