The Best Gun in Call of Duty Mobile

Call of Duty Mobile released on October 1, 2019 and in just three days since its release, has generated over 20 million downloads across all mobile platforms. Of all the game modes, multiplayer is easily the most popular, and the best way to perform well is to pick the best guns in the game that will get the job done.

Of all the guns in Call of Duty Mobile, the M21 EBR is most likely the best choice for almost any situation that you will encounter. The M21 EBR is a sniper rifle with and incredible rate of fire.

Although it's damage is slightly lower than other sniper rifles, with a damage ranking of 80, this is compensated for the fact that it has quite a high rate of fire for a sniper rifle. With a rate of fire of 35, this allows you to fire multiple rounds while other rifles may only be able to shoot a single round. Furthermore, with several scope attachments, this rifle can be use effectively at any range, making it an extremely versatile weapon.

Photo courtesy of Activision