The Best Overwatch Roles: Top Heroes in Role Queue Week 1

The beta period for the Role Queue has shown us how Overwatch changes when there is a balance to the kinds of teams you can make. Using data from Overbuff, Overwatch Limbo has compiled a chart of the highest performing Heroes in each Role for the beta Season 18 by win rate.

In the new Role Queue system, players will "queue" up as either Attack, Tank or Support. Teams will be made of exactly two of each role, and players will be entered in games only to fulfill those slots.

By balancing teams in the way, certain Heroes will likely over-perform given this new gameplay stye. In the chart, we see which Heroes rise to the top in their fields.

Tanks are mostly homogenized over each skill tier, with Sigma, Orisa and Zarya all dominating the top three in some capacity. Wrecking Ball shows up at Silver, but appears nowhere else. Supports are Lucio, Zenyatta and Moira for most levels, but with Mercy taking Zenyatta's slot at Grandmaster.

Attack Heroes are more varied, although Symmetra appears in all tiers. Mei appears in lower tiers more, and as you get to Diamond through Grandmaster the snipers Widowmaker and Hanzo start showing up.

It's interesting how abrupt the change in Heroes exist in the highest level of play. While it's mostly similar within each skill tier, seeing Mercy and Hanzo show up only in Grandmaster speaks a lot to their skill cap.

Currently, the PTR has several nerfs for some of these over present Heroes. Symmetra, Sigma and Zarya are all set for some nerfs. If the changes carry over from that, we could see some shakeup in the future.