The Best Teams in Super Auto Pets

Never buy the Gorilla.
Never buy the Gorilla. / Courtesy of Team Wood Games

It's hard to label a single team as the best in Super Auto Pets because of the game's shifting meta game and the high level of variance inherent both to what shows up in the shop and what teams your opponents are running. With that said, there are certain animals tend more often to lead to wins. Here are some of the best animals in the two packs available on the main branch of the game.

Best Super Auto Pets Animals: Standard Pack

The Standard Pack is the foundational Super Auto Pets experience. There are many roads to victory with this pack, but here are the pets you'll want to target as you move through the rounds.

In Tier 1, the best pets are clear. Fish has the best stat line by far, and its ability allows you to juice it for a little scaling even as you get deeper into the run. After the Fish, you should prioritize the Mosquito and the Otter. The Mosquito's sniping can often turn the tide of battle, and the otter provides some of the only scaling you can get in the early game, allowing you to take one pet tall rather than being forced to build wide.

Most of the animals in Tier 2 are niche picks (the Hedgehog can be an off-meta build-around; Rat and Peacock synergize decently for this early in the game) but you're better off trying to level up a Tier 1 animal for early access to Tier 3 pets.

In Tier 3, you'll find the Ox to be indispensable. Melon armor is the strongest equipment in the game, and getting it so early in the game is a huge jump on the power curve. Also valuable in Tier 3: Turtle, for providing Melon armor via the Sleeping Pill; Rabbit and Giraffe, for offering early scaling; and Kangaroo for some offense that combines well with the Ox.

Tier 4 is where things really start to pop. Plenty of animals in this tier provide massive benefits. If you've leveled up your Tier 1 or 2 animals enough, the Bison becomes a powerhouse at this stage in the game. Ditto the Penguin, which provides wide scaling that will take you over the top if purchased early enough. The Hippo and the Rooster are great resource sponges, providing outsize benefit when they receive enough investment. Deer and Dolphin provide great utility in the mid-game, but you'll likely want to sell them before too long, whereas the Skunk's ability scales incredibly well into the late game.

In Tier 5 you'll want to nail down your scaling if you haven't already by grabbing a Monkey or Seal. Cow is also great if you have a flex position on your team, but you probably won't want to keep it around long. The same is true of the Scorpion — though it has more staying power than the Cow.

By Tier 6 you should have your team all but settled. Now's the time to push it over the top. Cat can be one of the most powerful scalers in the game. Leopard, Snake and Tiger provide fantastic utility when well-deployed.

Best Super Auto Pets Animals: Expansion Pack #1

Fish and Mosquito remain powerful in the Expansion Pack. Beetle is also decent thanks to its stat line, and Ladybug can thrive in the early game if you're buying a lot of food. In Tier 2, the Bat can add utility that scales into the late game by removing enemy equipment, and the Dromedary is a decent space-filler when nothing else commands attention.

Tier 3 adds several interesting pets. The Caterpillar is a bet on powering up at least one other unit substantially, often at the cost of wide scaling; it can be quite effective if you live long enough to see it pop. More immediately, the Hatching Chick's +5/+5 bonus, especially when applied to a pet with Garlic or Melon armor, can carry rounds in this stage of the game.

Tier 4 again represents a power level jump. Self-scalers like the Bison, the Buffalo and the Llama are massively important here, especially if you've bought a Caterpillar.

If your team is diverse enough, Tier-wise, the Poodle provides excellent wide scaling. The Goat can help buff your Bison more rapidly. The Seal and the Scorpion remain great options.

In Tier 6, the Tyrannosaurus joins the Leopard, Snake, Tiger and Cat as an excellent pick.

Are there other ways to get to 10 wins? Of course. A Microbe leading off for a level three Turtle, an army of Hedgehogs triggering a pumped up Blowfish, a Dragon supported by a Goat or a high level Swan — there are myriad possibilities. But these fundamentals should serve you well in most of your runs through the Arena.