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The Best TFT Units Through Every Patch in Set 7

Courtesy of Riot Games

TFT sees large swings in the meta every patch as units get weaker and stronger in Set 7. However, some units are consistently strong across all patches, whether because they receive developer favor or they just have very strong abilities. Here are the best TFT units through every patch in Set 7.

The Best TFT Units Through Every Patch in Set 7


Probably the least surprising unit on this list. Xayah has been tearing through units through every patch and has cemented herself near the top of every meta. What makes Xayah so strong, aside from her abilities and stats, is that she pairs so well with so many team comps. Even if her current comp, Guild Xayah, gets nerfed, one of her traits or accompanying units is likely to receive a buff.


Another ridiculously strong unit, but this time for an entirely different reason. Shen has fairly weak base stats and as a frontline tank doesn't absorb all that much damage. His true power lies in his ability to protect nearby allies from all AD for multiple seconds. Pair that with his triple trait nature and he will always find some way into the meta.


Another unit that's here for the utility of his ability as opposed to his base stats. Bard can be slotted into any late game comp as a result of his ability to stun much of the enemy team. Even if he doesn't fit any of the traits you're running, he'll provide mana regen to the whole team and increase the value of your shop. He has way too much utility to not be present not just across every patch, but nearly every comp as well.