The Callisto Protocol Devs Left Out of End Credits

Striking Distance Studios

A number of former Striking Distance employees have reportedly been left out of The Callisto Protocol's end credits, despite making a "good amount of contribution" to the game.

As reported by, roughly 20 former employees of Striking Distance Studios, across a variety of different departments were omitted from the game's end credits. The outlet said it spoke to five former employees, while the rest came from additional sources.

One source said, "I made a good amount of contribution and worked on it for [a length of time]. To just not be there at all is shitty."

The report highlights that the practice isn't uncommon for developers who leave a project before its completion, though a source claims that no such policy was communicated to the studio's employees.

The sources state that those left out of the credits were key staff members, including senior developers and leads who made "significant contributions" to the game's development. Some had worked with Striking Distance for over a year, and others had worked with CEO Glen Schofield at his previous studio, Sledgehammer Games.

"I understand if a contractor does a small amount of work for a few months and is left off, but we're talking full-time employees with over a year invested in the title, and had a hand in significant parts of the product," one source said.

Last year, Schofield came under fire for posting a tweet that seemed to promote crunch culture. The now deleted tweet highlighted seven-day working weeks, 12-15 hour days and working through breaks.

Schofield later issues an apology for the tweet, saying, "We value passion and creativity, not long hours."

The sources concluded that the "had a great time working [at Stiking Distance]" and that they "had a great relationship with everyone on the team."