The Callisto Protocol to Get More Updates and Fixes This Week

Striking Distance Studios

Striking Distance Studios have announced that more updates and fixes are on the way for The Callisto Protocol.

In a statement posted to Twitter, developers Striking Distance Studios acknowledged the issues that many players have encountered with The Callisto Protocol, which released on Dec. 2, 2022. Upon release, the game was met with a mixed reception. Many cited its combat and occasional bugs as detrimental factors.

As of yesterday, Striking Distance Studios released a patch for consoles, aiming to fix issues with frame rate.

"There are patches live for all consoles that should fix frame rate and crash issues that some of you have reported," the Twitter post read."

"We are listening, working hard on updates, and will have details to share on more upcoming improvements early this week."

In a follow-up tweet, the developers clarified some of the issues that Xbox players had been facing in particular: "We wanted to clear up any confusion: ray-traced shadows are supported and look great on Xbox Series X. However, we are aware of issues with ray-traced reflections that we are addressing,"

"More information is coming this week. We appreciate the patience and support."