The Combat Assault Rifle Returns to Fortnite

Image Courtesy of Epic Games

The Combat Assault Rifle is back, but for how long remains uncertain.

Epic Games announced the return of the beloved combat AR in their v21.20 Patch Notes this morning. Among other changes in the patch, the CAR is now unvaulted in all rarities.

The Combat Assault Rifle was last seen earlier this year in April, when it was brought back for several days to allow players to vote between it and the MK-Seven Assault Rifle. The MK-Seven ultimately won out, and so the CAR was sent back to the vault again.

Mastering the Combat Assault Rifle, like any weapon, is a matter of firing fast enough while maintaining control. According to its Fandom Wiki page, aiming down on the aim stick or mouse can help users counteract the gun's recoil.

At present, one might argue that Fortnite is over-saturated with Assault Rifles at present. With the Striker Burst Rifle, Ranger Assault Rifle, and Hammer Assault Rifle all currently available, it is interesting that they would bring back the Combat now.

Perhaps because of its similar fire pattern, the CAR will come to be favored over the Striker Burst Rifle. After all, the CAR does have a history of being voted in, like when it first appeared after Update v18.20 during Chapter 2: Season 8, beating out the Combat SMG.